Smart people stop sabotaging their health with this high-voltage system and are rewarded with increased energy, slashed weight and an arsenal of powerful health habits ...
in just 4 weeks.



Are you tired of listening to how Keto Katherine the Great was overweight all her life but finally! She tried Diet Dipsh*t or Plan Perfecto-mundo and suddenly lost weight so she's now expert on the topic of weight loss?

Or how Protein Shake Pounding Pamela couldn't climb a set of stairs without huffing and puffing ... until she discovered the Miracle on 3,459th Street Movement Plan?

Or how Yoga Yolanda is becoming more "centered" as she writes from the friend's couch she's been camping out on?

If you're not really looking as great as you feel you should, want to stop hating how age is affecting your body, and know there's a braver part of you that will finally ask and answer the questions that until now you've delayed asking and answering ...

... then let me introduce myself. 

I'm Daniela and I spent years studying, working with and solving the health issues that make smart people sabotage their health in ways that are more cring-ey than Hillary Clinton's lectures on the rule of law.

These sabotaging behaviors do nothing but make us more fat, more tired, send more of our hard earned money up in flames and ultimately shave years off our lives. As a lawyer for 12 years in a corporate law firm surrounded by super smart people of unlimited resources, I would have thought we would know better.

Alas ...

It's why sales of keto recipes, oregano oil and probiotics go up, and sanity and good sense go down.

It's why fitness centers will never go out of business in January. It's why wanna-be triathletes will suck back pounds of Gus, chews and unnatural colored liquids in order to feel athlete-like. It's why hours of time we don't have is spent on yet another health article written by some half-wit reporter who spent 20 minutes coming up with a click-bait headline and exactly 0 minutes studying the topic of choice. It's why our bodies and minds are falling apart more quickly than they should ...

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Confidently implement

Ensure fast results

A 4-part on line workshop to implement the tools to manage your health ... and never have to look at another beach body, lady boss or neanderthal headline, article, plan or schedule again. All from the comfort of your favorite chair. 
Workshop will run on Zoom with a minimum of 1 (yup, every ONE is important enough and this workshop will run with even 1 person) and a maximum of 12 so we have time for concrete implementation steps as they apply to your life.

Sessions begin at 7 pm (on Zoom) and end no later than 8:15 Central

WEEK 1 (FEB 5)
The #1 thing that will make ALL the difference to your success - and which happens to be the one thing (and probably the only thing) all successful people have in common. Your implementation tool for this week will be a simple exercise that I will insist you do ... although it won't require a single drop of sweat.

WEEK 2 (FEB 12)
When and how diversity should be embraced - and when it needs to be avoided like the plague - and why not knowing the difference will KILL your success. Learn to implement this single tool that has contributed more to good health than all the shelves of vitamins in your local vitamin store (AND how it was used to shave 4 seconds off an 800 meter split time in only 8 days!!! Which is impressive even for non-runners ...).

WEEK 3 (FEB 19)
How to avoid the mistake that cost me at least $33,593 (and probably millions more) ... that I'd bet money you're also making. Learn to spot exactly when this mistake is happening before diving into our respective audits which will eradicate the mistakes and systemize more productive behavior. 

WEEK 4 (FEB 26)
The exact right time to eat fried chicken and the single easiest tool that will prevent nighttime crawlies to the refrigerator. Putting all the tools together for everlasting vitality, joy and health will require some significantly hard brain work during this session. But the sense of control and new life you have will have made it all worth it ...

Get feedback

Confidently implement

Ensure fast results

Clarify what you need to know, eradicate what you don't and learn to implement so that the tools stick ... and you NEVER waste time with life-sucking, money-burning and energy-killing BS again.


This is for serious and brave people ONLY and 1,000,000,000% NOT for you IF ...

** You want more meal plans! and schedules! and protein powders! and rah rah rah!
** You want to be part of another Facebook group so you can continue to compare yourself to others and then get mad as we discover more and more research that social media is making us more depressed.
** You were offended by my Hillary "joke" (though I would expect those people would have left by now).
4 easy sessions to clarify what you need to know, eradicate what you don't and learn to implement so that productive behaviors stick ... and you NEVER waste time with life-sucking, money-burning and energy-killing BS again.
... and know that your f.u. Skillz are the most important ones you have.
Those who stopped getting sucked into the BS.
Daniela really taught me what I needed to know, ignore the rest AND more importantly learn how to apply the tools I needed to get out of stagnation mode that kept me unmotivated, unfulfilled and not near as strong as I could have been. 
- Nancy P.
As an avid weight lifter, I hadn’t any intention of hiring someone to help me - but after hearing about Daniela, I wanted to hire her. Her pragmatic approach is easy to follow ... with her I found someone who can coach, teach and edify.
- Anthony H.
Every once in a while you are blessed to work with someone who is not only passionate but who is also extraordinarily competent. Daniela is one of those people. Her program takes a rare and comprehensive approach, that was fine tuned exactly right for me. I have had the good fortune to work with her, and I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience.
- Susie M.
As a professional mountain guide and athlete, I thought I was doing pretty well on my own, but Daniela has been able to bring me to a completely new level, one that has allowed me to prepare for the bigger and bigger athletic goals I’ve been setting for myself - even as I’ve been getting older.
- Dan N.
I learned so much from Daniela in such a short period of time, it is hard to know where to start. She gave me a system that never made me question if I was wasting my time ... I am now so much stronger with less work and less wasted time.

Nicki W.
After our discussions, I felt energized and empowered!
- Annalisa H.
4 easy sessions to clarify what you need to know, eradicate what you don't and learn to implement so that productive behaviors stick ... and you NEVER waste time with life-sucking, money-burning and energy-killing BS again.
I've tried everything. How will this be any different?
I don't know what you've tried in the past, but when most people have "tried everything," they've not tried everything. But even if you have, the real issue is that almost all traditional approaches to health are rooted in the same loser tactics (which aren't your fault - it's just what we were ALL taught!). We will operate very differently to avoid the same mistakes, for as many things that you've "tried" in the past, they were most likely all the same - with a different wrapper. It's time to break free from that. (And we'll be evaluating that behavior so, as we move forward, you'll never do that loser stuff again.)
I can't make all the sessions. Will recordings be made available?
The sessions will be recorded. HOWEVER, it's better if you show up live as you won't otherwise be able to get the full benefit of the lessons as they apply to YOUR specific circumstances. Therefore, if you can't make the four dates listed, I would hold off for another workshop date or get in touch to determine how I can help you with a one-time private session. (Private sessions are by application only and are a minimum of $500 per session.)

Why would I pay for anything that I can get online for free?
Did you know you can get all the information you need to become a lawyer online - for free? And yet there are thousands of eager beaver law students going into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt to ultimately spend their days surrounded by a bunch of A-holes. I'm pretty sure you could get all the information you need to become a doctor online, too. To each his or her own, I guess. The point is, being drowned in information gets you nowhere. Even if it's good information. It's why the weight loss industry alone is billions and billions of dollars each and every year - just in the United States. But I'm sure I'm telling you things you already know ... information is never the key to transformation. Action taking may, on the other hand, be.
I was in shape until I had my kids. How do I ever get my body back?
In the past, I have sometimes got a reaction of, "You don't have kids so you don't know what it's like." And that's true. I've never given birth and can only imagine the toll it takes to bring a new life into the world. HOWEVER ... and I don't mean to piss you off and I'm only giving you my personal experience ... the people I know who use their kids as an excuse for weight, being out of shape, and generally not looking great (by their measure, not mine), are the ones who ALSO had trouble with all this BEFORE they had kids. I can honestly say I have NEVER known a woman who didn't struggle before the kids and then continued to struggle after the kids. It's kind of like people who have a bad relationship thinking the kid is going to solve their problems. Which is to say this: this workshop is about taking an honest reflection on where we use excuses (even when they are brilliantly good excuses like procreating) to keep us from moving in the direction we want to go. 
My fitness has never been the same after a bad knee injury. 
This isn't a question but I know what you are expressing - because I felt it and in some ways still do. I've had injuries - most over the years shown in the photos above AND including an ACL tear, rotator cuff complications, what I suspect was some chronic fatigue, and chronic back pain that no one in the medical profession could help me with .. of course after thousands of dollars invested. I get the frustration. But it's also why our approach to health needs to change. Ever wonder why so many professional athletes - the absolute best in the world in their sports, with the best trainers, nutritionists, sports psychologists, massage therapists, etc. wind up fat, depressed or bankrupt? I'm not a doctor so I can't tell you your injury can be healed. What I can say is that taking a more comprehensive approach to health - that fully addresses your injuries but that still makes you healthier - is the only real way to address health. That's what this workshop is about.
4 easy sessions to clarify what you need to know, eradicate what you don't and learn to implement so that productive behaviors stick ... and you NEVER waste time with life-sucking, money-burning and energy-killing BS again.
Approximately 98% of all health related products and programs offer a money back guarantee (a guess - but an estimate we can all agree seems reasonable!). OBVIOUSLY ... guarantees don't work to serve you. Guarantees are a marketing tactic and don't help anyone show up ready to find results ... and if you're looking for a way out, the MASTER YOUR HEALTH NOW workshop is not for you. I'm sorry!
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